About Us

Operating in a 40 mile radius surrounding Batavia, Illinois, Fox Excavating, Inc. is a family owned and operated firm established in 1992 with the mindset of providing home owners, builders and general contractors multiple phases of construction, by means of excavation and underground utility services.  Our firm has evolved from single and multiple-unit houseline excavation to site development; including mass earthwork, roadway infrastructure and commercial developments.  Our main focus is on land development with operations to include; demolition, mass earthwork, structural excavation and underground site utilities in the municipal, industrial and private sectors. Contact us for all of your demolition, excavation, underground site utilities, trenching, concrete pumping and material conveying needs.


Every aspect of the industry revolves around growth of future relationships, which is vital to maintaining and outlasting the competition.  Fox Excavating believes this is what makes us successful. We not only continue to build relationships, but we focus on the day to day activities which will continue to drive us into the future as one of the leading competitors in the construction industry.  By selecting Fox as your sub-contractor or general contractor, you can rest assured that you will be receiving the highest level of construction management; from the top level executive all the way down to the bottom of the trenches.  

We know that it is people who build projects — not firms. Our staff’s management and self-performance experience in the field allows our project team to provide the best construction solutions by monitoring budgets, controlling cost, production scheduling, while delivering a quality finished product.  This high level of achievement is a direct result of the people employed by Fox Excavating and the services we provide. All employees, from our trade people to senior management, are committed to the goal of delivering successful projects to our clients, without sacrificing on safety, quality and production.  On every project, our staff develops a team atmosphere, fostering trust among our team members. In doing so, we are able to provide an environment that operates on open and honest communication, resulting in efficient and effective construction and great project experiences.


Our dedication to safety allows us to rise above the competition.  Here at Fox Excavating we analyze the means and methods of each phase of construction so that we can improve how each individual construction project is managed.  Any improvements first documented on paper allow us to provide a safer environment for our employees in the field, in addition to the overall project site itself.  One way of achieving this is by implementing a jobsite hazard analysis.  This is completed prior to any commencement of construction.  Not only to point out safety concerns, but to bring to the surface issues before any risk of exposure has developed.

Our goal is to be consistently focused on safety through continuing education and abiding by industry standards in this ever changing environment.  Jobsite hazard analysis, combined with classroom and on-site work experience has been instrumental in obtaining zero lost time accidents over the past three years.  Not only does this help in future bidding opportunities, due to lower experience modification rates, but builds on the fundamentals to withstand any potential for costly mistates.  To ensure that we meet the standard requirement on every jobsite, all employees have been certified as a competent person in excavation, OSHA 10 & 30 hour card holders.  In addition to these cards we have highly-trained professionals with Flagger, Hazmat, First Aid/ CPR and Scaffold Competent Person cards to ensure our preparedness in future projects.


Quality in construction is not something easily attained.  Quality must be inherent in the design to be achieved in the field.  Our goal, is to produce the best quality in both design and construction and is achieved by building the project on paper first.  We know the job inside and out ahead of time, which virtually eliminates suprises in the field. The better prepared we are going into a project, the more time we can spend constructing the project.

We uphold the highest quality of workmanship.  Every employee companywide, has over 10 years in the construction industry.  On the job training provides our talented employees with the knowledge to be the quality sub-contractor that our industry needs.  As a result projects can be delivered to the client within budget without sacrificing production and quality.


With over 20 years in the construction industry, the focus of Fox Excavating is to embark on new projects that will not only be a challenge, but will keep us on the cutting edge of technology.  We offer a wide range of services, from the initial concept development to plan review, value engineering, estimating of mass earthwork activities, storm sewer, sanitary and water improvements.  Working closely with architects, civil engineers, surveyors and our clients allows us to bring projects within budget and maintains an increased productivity moving forward on project schedules.

We currently use various technical applications to achieve high production rates.  AGTEC earthwork 3D estimating software, for example, enhances the use of our global positioning system instruments.  This technical program allows seamless construction project management.  Combined with our highly skilled staff members this eliminates the need for correction in the field.  This results in no lost time and effectively creates more competitive bidding.